All about me.

CORONAVIRUS - The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped me from working in my studio but in order to help keep you guys all safe I have put a temporary halt to all my art workshops. Deliveries of prints from my website are still available but orders may take longer to process than usual - you will be kept updated via email of the status any orders placed.

You can keep up to date with my studio work and some extra special offers on my Facebook Page S x

The first thing you need to know about me is that I don’t really understand why artist statements are written in the third person. Generally, as a rule artist statements are written by the artist (unless of course the artist in question is doing very well and has help with the admin) So I have written my little bit in the first person, this is genuinely my voice and writing in the first person has saved me a whole lot of confusion.

I studied Art and English at the university of Chichester and in 1999 received a Bachelor of Arts with honours. I would love to say that my degree enthused me and fuelled my passion for painting but it didn’t happen that way. I resented the constant demands to justify the work I was producing, I felt the need to create a "statement" with my work stifling and confusing. In hindsight it probably wasn’t that bad and if I had managed to be more eloquent with my reasoning I suspect I could have got away with painting a canvas blue but unfortunately I didn’t learn eloquence until much later in life

It took me over ten years (probably more but if I counted them all but I’d feel very old) to rekindle my passion for creating art. A lot of living happened in those ten years; marriage, houses, children, jobs.... things which could have ended my art career before it had even begun but creating art was still my calling and three years ago I finally took a leap of faith and began working as a full time artist.

I like to think the style I have developed over the years between university and now is quite unique to me. My paintings do not challenge any of life’s great questions nor are they simply designed to look “Pretty” on someone’s wall. My paintings are an expression of my love of colour, it’s expressive nature and the emotional connection I find within the landscape in which I am lucky enough to live.

”An art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t an art at all” Paul Cezanne