So I did this thing and started a blog; I hope this will be a friendly way for me to let you all know what's going on in my little art world - mostly it's about my creative life as a Sussex landscape artist trying to do my best to pay the bills all the while staying true to my dream but please be aware that I am the current owner of two teenagers and a work away from home husband so I'm guessing they'll creep in around the sides when I'm not paying attention - they usually do.

I intend for my blog posts to be short because really and truthfully this is just another form of procrastination that's keeping me out of my studio (fondly known as my glamorous shed).
I'm hopeful the writing process will help me put into order and examine some of the interesting/arty/creative (read as crazy) thoughts filling up my head space; If any of my crazy thoughts invade your head space just ignore them - they go away eventually.

Creating a picture using Charcoal and Chalk


We're all stuck at home so lets use the time to make art x

My guilt free addiction to greeting cards.


According to the Greeting Card Association in the UK we send on average 33 greeting cards each per year, more than any other nation, we are quite clearly obsessed (I know I am) but how do we spend our hard earned cash ethically and in an environmentally friendly way? ...more

What is a Giclée print?


If you are buying a giclée print from an artist ask them to describe the production process and materials to you, if they want you to pay the quoted price they should be able to explain what makes their giclée worth paying for. ...more

My Big, Year of Culture, Art Project Update


I like a big project and next year I've got one - I've been asked to paint four landscapes for the Horsham District Year of Culture and exhibit them during a solo show in September. So far we've chosen the four views, I've met some lovely people, been scared by a lot of cows and finally produced some sketches. Read on for the full story. ...more

Coffee, cake, friends and learning to work alone.


October 10th was world mental health day, it got me thinking about my own mental health and one of the greatest challenges to it - my job. ...more

Demystifying the commission process” or “How to get me to paint exactly what you want"


Commissioning me to paint exactly what you want isn't scary or difficult, it's usually quite fun and involves meeting up and eating cake. ...more

Hello. My name is Sarah Duffield and I am a full time artist.


A ramble all about answering the inevitable question and owning my profession as an artist. ...more

My big, exciting, Horsham district year of culture commission.


The most involved, I really can not believe I'm doing this art project I've taken on so far... ...more