"Rise and Fall"

An autumnal view from Hiorne tower in Arundel park. I'm not sure if Hiorne tower is a "folly" or not but the view from it makes it's rather solitary placement very worthwhile - it truly is outstanding throughout the whole year, even more so during autumn when the groupings of trees seem to be on fire with bright orange and reds. I enjoy the very steep walk up to the tower from the valley below, the "Rise and the Fall" of the land and the seasons which all play out beautifully here.

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Original painting: This Oil on Canvas painting will be available to view and purchase at my "Colourful Places" exhibition taking place at Horsham museum between the 28th September and the 14th December. Contact me for more information

A mini print mounted to fit a 10x8 inch frame priced at £25 each. Please note due to the ratio of this canvas a mini print will be of a cropped imaged. To see the cropped image please visit my mini print gallery.

A standard 43cm x 30cm giclee print (size does not include border) rolled and posted from my website priced at £100 each.

Greeting Cards priced at £2.50 each

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